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Prune and oat slice

Prune and oat slice, Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores, Nundle
Prune and oat slice, Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores, Nundle
This Prune and Oat Slice is an absolute winner in lunch boxes. Whenever I try something new I am inevitably disappointed with boomerangs. You know, the lunch box contents that come home uneaten. Not this slice, 100% success rate. Our boys have two weeks left of school and if like me, the inspiration for lunch boxes wanes at this time of year, give this recipe a go. As a bonus its ingredients are mainly pantry staples, butter, caster sugar, plain flour, baking powder, oats, and golden syrup. And if you don't have prunes in the cupboard, substitute another dried fruit or softened fresh fruit. If you'd like to experiment with the texture and ramp up the nutritional value you could substitute wholemeal plain flour, or even buckwheat or brown rice flour for the plain flour, and rapadura sugar for the caster sugar. Also tasty heated with a dollop of ice cream for dessert.
Prune and Oat Slice (torn from House and Garden, date unknown)
Prep 20 mins, cooking 45 mins
Ingredients: 200g butter, softened, 150g caster sugar, 2 cups (300g) plain flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 3/4 cup (65g) oats, 500g pitted prunes, soaked in boiling water, drained, 2 tbsp golden syrup.
Preheat oven to 150C (130C fan). Grease and line a 21cm baking tray (I used a 24cm square cake tin, which makes for a higher slice). In a bowl, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Fold flour, baking powder and oats through until just combined. Evenly spread half of oat mixture in base of tray. Top with prunes, drizzle with golden syrup, then cover with remaining oat mixture. Bake 45 mins or until golden and crisp. Cool before slicing. Makes 12-16 slices.

Megan Trousdale
Megan Trousdale


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