Make plans to visit us during the NSW school holidays, open seven days July 2-17, 2022

About Us

Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores, Megan and Duncan Trousdale

Duncan and Megan Trousdale have 17 years experience bringing together useful and beautiful goods for the house and garden, stocked at their 128-year-old general merchants Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores.

Popular products are stocked in quantity and Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores supplies restaurateurs, cafe owners and caterers with bulk Falcon and Romanian enamelware. Customers are often surprised to find one of the most extensive ranges of enamelware available in Australia.

The physical store is based at Nundle, a small country town near Tamworth, in northern inland NSW. The store started trading online in 2011 and online orders from throughout Australia now make up half of the business.

Duncan and Megan look to almost a century of retail heritage for stock inspiration, summarised in suitcases of original handwritten ledgers and typed invoices found underneath the shop.

The couple also look to their own kitchen and garden for stock ideas, growing a lot of their own vegetables since moving to Nundle from Sydney in 1998, and being keen cooks making use of seasonal produce.

Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores, established by John Odgers and William McClelland, began trading in the early 1890’s selling everything necessary for the surrounding farming community and acting as an exchange for gold and produce.

Megan first visited Nundle in 1997 on a reconnaissance trip as deputy editor for Country Style magazine, resulting in three stories on Nundle. Several visits, while Duncan finished a Fine Arts degree, and 18 months later they made Nundle their home. Megan is a regular contributor to Country Style, and has been published in Organic Gardener, Gardening Australia, House and Garden and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Falcon and Romanian enamelware, Mason Cash ceramic mixing bowls, cast iron cookware, Opinel pocket knives, Burgon and Ball garden tools, Redecker natural bristle and timber brushware, and old-time shaving requisites are among the traditional, DIY, made-to-last, heirloom products. You’ll find brands and designs that have stood the test of time and contemporary goods with traditional roots; all useful, relevant and elegant.

The ding-ding of a brass bell sounds arrivals, the scent of bulk tea packaged in brown paper bags, soap cut from the slab, and tung oiled floorboards arouse curiosity, and eyes settle with ease on natural textures; candy striped cotton tea towels and aprons, stacked wicker baskets, and hand harvested millet brooms.

The wide, worn timber floorboards, original shelving made from recycled packing cases, and rough corrugated iron and timber façade are reminders of the “make-do”, “use what’s at hand” philosophy, born off the back of the frontier gold rush and grazing settlement of inland north-west NSW.