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Fig and almond friand slice

Fig and almond friand slice, Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores
Fig and almond friand slice, Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores
Fig and almond friand slice, Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores
Fig and almond friand slice, Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores
It was the last day of the school holidays for our boys today, but I went to school representing our Parents & Citizens Association at a Staff Development Day on Play is the Way, a games-based behaviour education program developed by Western Australian, Wilson McCaskill.
The workshop took me out of my comfort zone, the simple games designed to make you feel uncomfortable and expose opportunities for teaching some of the key concepts: 
- Treat others as you would like them to treat you;
- Be brave, participate to progress;
- Pursue your personal best no matter who you work with;
- Have reasons for the things you say and do;
- It takes great strength to be sensible.
Our P&C catered for the 47 teachers, support staff and parents attending the workshop from north west schools at Premer, Attunga, Woolomin, Dungowan, Moonbi, Tintinhull, Inverell, and Nundle. Funds raised by the catering support our Out of School Hours Care service. I made a Fig and almond friand slice to contribute to the morning tea. The recipe, from Australian House and Garden, called for dried figs, but it would work equally well with fresh figs. The wild fig tree in our neighbour's paddock is covered in figs, however they are still green and hard. I am hoping they will ripen. The Fig and almond friand slice was delicious, with a definite nod to the friand nutty flavour and airy texture. I was happy watching it disappear off the baking tray when we mingled for morning tea.
Development day in Nundle for school teachers, staff, and parents, The Northern Daily Leader
Fig and almond friand slice (from Australian House and Garden, date unknown)
Prep & cooking time 40 mins. Makes 20.
Ingredients: 1 1/4 cups (125g) roasted almonds (original recipe used walnuts), 6 eggwhites, 185g unsalted butter, melted, 1 1/2 cups (240g) icing sugar, sifted, plus 1 tbsp extra, 1/2 cup (75g) plain flour,  2 tsp finely grated orange zest, 1 tbsp orange juice, 4 dried figs (85g), sliced thinly
Method: Preheat oven to 200C (180C fan). Spread almonds on a baking tray lined with baking paper and roast for 10 minutes. Remove almonds when a golden colour, cool, and grind in a food processor until fine. Whisk eggwhites in a medium bowl until frothy. Stir in melted butter, sifted icing sugar and flour, orange zest and juice, and ground almonds. Spread batter in a 20 x 30cm baking tray (use same tray as almonds) lined with baking paper, greasing any exposed sides. Top with sliced figs. Bake for 25 minutes or until golden. Cool in tin. Dust with extra icing sugar before slicing.

Megan Trousdale
Megan Trousdale


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