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Falcon enamelware new arrivals

At Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores Duncan and Megan take care to select tools that you'll use in the garden and kitchen for decades to come. These are the goods you'll reach for daily. They are practical, elegant and beautiful. As one of our customers, Wendy, puts it they are "last-a-lifetime, hand-me-down" heirloom territory. Falcon enamelware new arrivals include bread bins, perforated spoon, soup bowl, 950ml tea pot and all white baking tray, and duck egg bake sets, serving bowl, flat plate, mug, tumbler and ladle.

BLOG: White Enamel Pie Dish

Our autumn garden in Country Style

April 14, 2018

Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores autumn garden Country Style

Duncan and I had the opportunity to reflect on our autumn garden at Nundle in April @countrystylemag's 'In the garden' by Georgina Reid of @theplanthunter. Echoing the story, I've picked our medlars and crabapples for making jelly/paste to serve with pork or poultry. The medlars are softening, bletting, before making the medlar jelly. Our autumn garden looks sub-ideal right now (many of the photographs in this post are from our archive). Our district is in drought, with some landholders reporting the worst water situation in 18 years. Others have seen springs dry up for the first time in living memory. Trucks loaded with hay come into Nundle past the shop daily, and trucks loaded with cattle leave weekly. However, as I compile this blog post it is raining. Soft, slow, drizzling rain that will help grow feed, and lower temperatures and demand for stock water. Here's an extended version of our answers to Georgina's questions about our autumn garden.