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Falcon enamelware new arrivals

At Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores Duncan and Megan take care to select tools that you'll use in the garden and kitchen for decades to come. These are the goods you'll reach for daily. They are practical, elegant and beautiful. As one of our customers, Wendy, puts it they are "last-a-lifetime, hand-me-down" heirloom territory. New arrivals for summer are Falcon enamel bread bins, perforated spoon, soup bowl, 950ml tea pot and all white baking tray, and duck egg bake sets, serving bowl, flat plate, mug, tumbler and ladle.

BLOG: White Enamel Pie Dish

Walking with children

April 23, 2017

Walking with children

We feel the school holidays coming to a close and want to make the most of the days we have left and arrange to explore our friends' new property in the hills behind our house. It is the western fall of the Great Dividing Range and a drive to the top corner of the farm reveals extraordinary views of the Peel Valley below. We drive further down the slope and leave the truck to walk with our sons, 11, and eight. It's steep country and we feel the microclimate change, the temperature dropping as we descend thigh high clumps of grass into a gully with a creek running through it. Along the way we find remnants of sheep fleece and start to ponder the fate of its owner. There is flattened grass ahead and it looks like the sheep has been dragged. As we reach the creek we're distracted by a rustle and movement in the trees. A pig. But we don't see it. Duncan walks quietly and teases the boys and I about being more bush stompers than bush walkers. The pig is long gone.