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Kitchenware and garden tool seasonal favourites

At Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores Duncan and Megan take care to select tools that you'll use in the garden and kitchen for decades to come. These are the goods you'll reach for daily. They are practical, elegant and beautiful. As one of our customers, Wendy, puts it they are "last-a-lifetime, hand-me-down" heirloom territory. Falcon enamelware, timber utensils, and Mason Csh ceramics seasonal favourites are the go-to kitchenware essentials that you'll need for cooking, including pie dishes in every shape, serving spoons and ladles, tea pots in various sizes, baking and roasting trays, and serveware (plates, bowls, mugs, tumblers). Add to that Burgon and Ball gardening tools to make specific tasks easier from weeding fingers, Royal Horticultural Society endorsed secateurs, and classic trowels and forks, to potato harvesters, and asparagus knives and our popular razor hoe mutli-purpose gardening tool.

BLOG: White Enamel Pie Dish

Talking Threads: clothes with history

May 26, 2018

Talking Threads
Tamworth woman Emily Honess has been quietly leading an eco-revolution, upcycling fashion through her former retail outlet White Rabbit, eight years working for Lifeline's One of a Kind Tamworth store, pop-up shop and label Talking Threads, and co-ordinating the seasonal  Flamingo Park Market. I caught up with Emily, wanting to seek out some clothes to add to my wardrobe without stepping into a chain store, or paying a designer price tag. She says the name Talking Threads comes from second hand clothes telling a story, whether it's about how they were made, or an era. "It's all about the story." Emily says fashion is a good starting point for people on the sustainability journey. "For someone wanting to be more eco-friendly and minimise waste, the issue of sustainability can be overwhelming, but fashion is easy to focus on without sacrificing self-expression or style."