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Falcon enamel billy/rice cooker

Enjoy brewing tea in our Falcon enamel billy can/rice cooker, available in three sizes 1.2, 3, and 4.5 litres. We have great memories of sharing tea brewed in enamel billies on campfires at Sheba Dams, Crawney Mountain and in the paddock. Don't forget to swing the enamel billy in a full circle three times to drive the tea leaves to the bottom before pouring. One litre billy also makes great storage for a sourdough starter. Falcon enamelware stockists since 2002. Dimensions: 1.2 litres, height including lid 17cm, internal lip width 12cm; 3 litres, height including lid 22cm, internal lip width 15.5cm; 4.5 litres, height including lid 20cm, internal lip width 23cm. ONLINE PRICE ONLY Please see additional information on Falcon enamelware care and provenance at the base of our homepage.

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