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Fowlers Vacola Preserving Kit

Fowlers Vacola Preserving Kit includes the simple natural preserver, instruction and recipe booklet, 3 x No. 14 bottles (Photo shows No.20 Jars), rings, clips and standard lids, and 12 month warranty. Quick, simple and economical. Use natural fruit juices, sugar syrup, water, wines or liqueurs with your favourite fruit to make preserves, toppings or sauces. Four simple preserving steps are: 1. Pack raw fruit firmly into the bottle 2. Fill bottle with liquid, seal with ring and clip. 4. Place bottles into kit, fill kit with water, turn power on. 4. After only one hour turn power off and remove bottles. Fowlers Vacola products have been an essential ingredient in Australian kitchens since 1915. Joseph Fowler grew the business during the Depression days, producing home-bottling preserving kits and building a reputation for quality and reliability. 

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