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Eden Seeds

Eden Seeds are old-fashioned, traditional, open pollinated, non hybrid seeds with no chemical treatment and no genetic engineering. Collect seeds from the plants you grow and share them with others.

Beneficial Insect Mix - Mix of flowers, herbs, annuals and perennials to attract insects to promote natural biodiversity (400 seeds). Cannot send to WA. 

Bush Bean Provider - Straight greed round stringless pod 15-18cm in clusters. Grows well in all soils (not waterlogged). Sow after frost (70 seeds).

Bush Bean Strike - Stringless small round pod to 14cm. Grows well in all soils (not waterlogged). Sow after frost (120 seeds).

Carrot Amsterdam - Likes sunny position and well drained friable soil. Sow autumn to spring (1,100 seeds).

Celery Chinese - Needs well drained soil. Prefers cool conditions. Sow spring and autumn (800 seeds).

Chilli Long Red Cayenne - Slim 12mm fruit, 50-100mm long. red when mature. Hot flavour in cooking (60 seeds).

Chinese Cabbage Tall Paak Tsoi - Green leaf, white stem. Fast growing. Tolerates warm conditions, likes dampness (120 seeds).

Cucumber Crystal Apple - Crunchy sweet, oval fruit, creamy white skin. Prolific. Yates 1930 origin (35 seeds).

Coriander Cilantro Slow Bolting - Best suited for fresh leaves. Sow spring and autumn (75 seeds).

Eggplant Early Long Purple - Dark purple fruit to 25cm x 8cm, 1857 origin (80 seeds).

Lettuce Lollo Biondo - Pale green ruffled leaves (200 seeds).

Okra Clemsons Spineless - Uniform dark green, spineless long pods. Harvest at 7-8cm (100 seeds).

Parsley Italian - Large leaves, great strong flavour (600 seeds).

Pumpkin Waltham Butternut - Small, nutty flavoured. Pear shaped to 22cm and 2kg. Light orange flesh. Grown all states, good keeper (25 seeds).

Radish Watermelon - Large, round white with pink flesh. Sweet and delicious taste. Best grown autumn and winter (160 seeds).

Salad Greens Edible Chrysanthemum - Young leaves eaten raw in salad or tea, or cooked for Chinese flavour (400 seeds).

Salad Greens Rocket - Hardy annual, mildly spicey. Cold tolerant (250 seeds).

Salad Greens Rocket Wild - Slower growing with deeply lobed leaves and rich taste (150 seeds).

Spinach Ceylon - Hardy tropical perennial or annual in cooler areas. Use in salads, cooked or in soups (90 seeds).

Sunflower Giant Single - Best in light well drained soil. Does well in hot dry times. 

Tomato Cherry Camp Joy - Red cherry fruit to 25mm. Heavy crops and good disease resistence (40 seeds).

Tomato Grosse Lisse - Large globe shaped smooth fruit, deep red colour and superb flavour. Best staked.

Tomato Roma - Small smooth bright red oval shaped fruit ideal for bottling and cooking (100 seeds).

Zucchini Black - Uniform dark green cylindrical fruit. Released 1941 (25 seeds).




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