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Kitchenware and garden tool seasonal favourites

At Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores Duncan and Megan take care to select tools that you'll use in the garden and kitchen for decades to come. These are the goods you'll reach for daily. They are practical, elegant and beautiful. As one of our customers, Wendy, puts it they are "last-a-lifetime, hand-me-down" heirloom territory. Falcon enamelware, Fowlers preserving supplies, Stanley flasks, timber utensils, and Mason Cash ceramics seasonal favourites are go-to kitchenware essentials. You'll find pie dishes in multiple sizes, serving spoons and ladles, tea pots, baking and roasting trays, and serveware (plates, bowls, mugs, tumblers). Add to that gardening tools to make tasks easier from weeding fingers, secateurs, and classic trowels and forks, to potato harvesters, asparagus knives and our popular razor hoe multi-purpose gardening tool.

BLOG: White Enamel Pie Dish

Doing the wedding flowers

April 22, 2024

‘You can do it’ and ‘Start early’ are two phrases from Annabelle Hickson’s ‘A Tree in the House’ DIY flower book that replayed in my mind as my daughter Isabelle, her groom Ben, family, friends, and I arranged their wedding flowers.

I have witnessed Annabelle transform a shearing shed with clouds of cotton, and chandeliers of gum leaves, as well as a convent with explosions of autumn leaves. Annabelle even worked her floral magic on our shop verandah for a Book Lunch among the launch events for ‘A Tree in the House.’

When Isabelle and Ben announced their engagement and started planning a wedding at our village of Nundle in north west NSW I was confident we could wrangle zip ties, chicken wire, flowers and foliage into joyful displays of seasonal colour.