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Wire soap saver and suds maker, with soap

For years customers have been asking whether we have a soap saver, suds maker and we have searched high and low. We now have a handmade wire and mesh soap saver and suds maker with a bar of dishwashing soap. Use the wire soap saver to collect and use fragments of soap to make suds. Meanwhile enjoy the 120g soap included, 570x750mm, made from saponified coconut oil, Australian grown olive oil and castor oil, scented with a blend of lemon and native lemon myrtle essential oils, and  coloured with natural annatto seed extract. The wire soap saver suds maker is based on the frugal tradition of using up left over pieces of soap. It is also made by Australian soap makers, so it is designed to fit their replacement homemade dishwashing soap. If you would like to use commercial dishwashing soap in your soap saver, you can cut it in half or to size. Handmade using galvanised steel.

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