Handcarved spoons by Jack Massey Woodwork, Tamworth

We are proud to stock a sample selection of six Jack Massey Woodwork handcarved spoons, handmade in Tamworth; pictured L_R American Walnut spoon, Camphor Laurel cooking spoon, Camphor Laurel scoop, Camphor Laurel straight bottomed spoon, Camphor Laurel classic serving spoon, and American Walnut mini serving spoon. Each spoon takes hours to make involving drawing a spoon shape, carving the bowl of the spoon, cutting the shape with a band saw, gradually whittling to achieve the desired shape, and finishing by sanding, burnishing the timber with a stone to remove loose fibres, and polishing with a mixture of homemade beeswax and mineral oil. The finished artisan spoon is a delight to hold and use. Read more on our blog.