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Falcon enamelware new arrivals

At Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores Duncan and Megan take care to select tools that you'll use in the garden and kitchen for decades to come. These are the goods you'll reach for daily. They are practical, elegant and beautiful. As one of our customers, Wendy, puts it they are "last-a-lifetime, hand-me-down" heirloom territory. New arrivals for summer are Falcon enamel bread bins, perforated spoon, soup bowl, 950ml tea pot and all white baking tray, and duck egg bake sets, serving bowl, flat plate, mug, tumbler and ladle.

BLOG: White Enamel Pie Dish

Foraging on the banks of the Peel River

July 21, 2016

Rosehip syrup poured on Spiced Rosehip and Olive Oil Cake

After spending time in the company of chef Sarah Glover and admiring her talent for using food at hand, whether it is locally cultivated or wild produce, I walk on the banks of the Peel River with new eyes. At Nundle, near Tamworth in northern inland NSW, we've experienced our wettest June on record and I wouldn't be surprised if July follows suit. So walks to Nundle Creek and the Peel River have suddenly become more interesting. We walk to the river to see how high the water is after rain, after a couple of days of rare sunshine, after snow. Along Nundle creek we see two wild rose bushes with ready to harvest rosehips. It is winter, so the rose red seed buds are clear to see without the camouflage of foliage. Further along the creek we see clumps of stinging nettle growing in the creek bed and on the banks of the Peel River. In the shallows, where the crystal clear water rushes over river rocks, there is watercress.